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chatbot for health insurance

Use this FREE Health Insurance Template to install a chatbot on your Facebook Page. Our expertise spans all major technologies and platforms, and advances to innovative technology trends. There will be some HIPAA and privacy difficulties for jumping before tech like that becomes a usual place. Undoubtedly these types of client and administrative service functions are simply on the horizon. There are things you can or can’t say and there are guidelines on the way you can say things.

In general, people have grown accustomed to using chatbots for a variety of reasons, including chatting with businesses. In fact, 52% of patients in the USA acquire their healthcare data through chatbots. Patients often need information related to the medical equipment they need to get healthy. For example, they often need to know where to get their wheelchair serviced, or where to source new oxygen cylinders from.

Why use chatbots for your insurance business?

By engaging visitors to a carrier’s website, social media, and other online touchpoints, chatbots can collect information about their needs and answer their questions. This data can then be used to further the conversation and relationship, or to generate leads for sales teams. This helps to streamline insurance processes for greater efficiency and, in turn, savings.

chatbot for health insurance

Customers can change franchises, update an address, order an insurance card, cover, and register a new family member right within the chat window. When integrated with your business toolkit, a chatbot can facilitate the entire policy management cycle. Your customers can turn to it to apply for a policy, update account details, change a policy type, order an insurance card, etc. With quality chatbot software, you don’t need to worry that your customer data will leak.

Benefits of insurance chatbots for customers

Many providers now transform this section into an interactive chatbot feature on the homepage dedicated to responding to general inquiries. During the triage process, I can also help on the paperwork and address user questions, such as acceptable insurance or payment plan. It helps you empower your strategy and operations that will convert prospects to patients. You can load the burden from your staff’s shoulders by getting rid of unnecessary call volume and administrative tasks. A recent Capgemini survey of conversational interfaces provided some positive data… With the use of empathetic, friendly, and positive language, a chatbot can help reshape a patient’s thoughts and emotions stemming from negative places.

chatbot for health insurance

They gather and store patient data, ensure its encryption, enable patient monitoring, offer a variety of informative support, and guarantee larger-scale medical help. Before creating your health insurance chatbot, you must complete your market research. You can either conduct surveys or get inputs from customer service representatives to know about your targeted audience and accordingly make your health insurance chatbot. Chatbots in the health insurance industry majorly help in minimizing the cost of the company incurred in serving insurance seekers. They also offer anytime-anywhere services to individuals seeking consultancy related to health insurance policies.

Global rise of chatbot popularity

Patients can request prescription refilling/renewal via a medical chatbot and receive electronic prescriptions (when verified by a physician). DRUID is an Enterprise conversational AI platform, with a proprietary NLP engine, powerful API and RPA connectors, and full on-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments. Policyholders can either text or leave a message on the chat to get instant help with their claims process with ability to escalate if needed. Insurance firms can use AI and machine learning technologies to analyze data comprehensively and more accurately assess fire risks. Better fire risk assessment is possible due to the use of data from connected devices, climate studies, and aerial imagery. Insurers can build models that can look at risks more closely at the individual property level.

chatbot for health insurance

For processing claims, a chatbot can collect the relevant data, from asking for necessary documents to requesting supporting images or videos that meet requirements. Customers don’t need to be kept on hold, waiting for a human agent to be available. Being available 24/7 and across multiple channels, an automated tool will let policyholders file insurance claims or get urgent support and advice whenever and however they want. Chatbots for insurance come with a lot of benefits for insurance companies.


The chatbot is available in English and Hindi and has helped PolicyBazaar improve customer satisfaction by 10%. Service performance is positively correlated with sticking to or letting go of the provided services[2]. Changing the address on a policy or adding a new car to it takes just a few minutes when a chatbot process the information.

  • From generic tips to research-backed cures, Healthily gives patients control over improving their health while sitting at home.
  • A health insurance bot guides your customers from understanding the basics of health insurance to getting a quote.
  • There is a wide variety of potential use cases for chatbots in the insurance industry.
  • The chatbots can use the information and assist the patients in identifying the illness responsible for their symptoms based on the pre-fetched inputs.
  • Moreover, you want to know how your insurance chatbot performed and whether it fulfilled its objective.

They gather prime data from patients and depending on the input, they give more data to patients regarding their conditions and recommend further steps also. Use omnichannel conversational AI robots to collect and process customer feedback automatically and provide a superior customer experience. Use a chatbot to provide quotes for new prospective customers or help existing customers by being able to provide claims, billing, and general help through SMS or website chat 24/7 powered by an AI-powered chatbot. Once the claim status is updated, chatbots can proactively reach out to customers with an update.

Lack of empathy and natural emotion

They can answer questions related to health insurance policies, including cost of insurance, financial assistance, and coverage. Healthcare chatbots can also provide information related to the status of existing policy, or the eligibility to apply for different insurance plans. Listed here are some benefits of making chatbots for health insurance services. On the business side, chatbots can handle initial customer queries, generate and qualify leads, manage claims, and even assist in personalized marketing efforts. They provide invaluable data analytics while substantially reducing operational costs. The utility of chatbots is growing, and it’s about time insurance companies harness this technology to its full potential.

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You have probably heard of this platform, for it boasts of catering to almost 13 million users as of 2023. Ada Health is a popular healthcare app that understands symptoms and manages patient care instantaneously with a reliable AI-powered database. Chatbots are made on AI technology and are programmed to access vast healthcare data to run diagnostics and check patients’ symptoms. It can provide reliable and up-to-date information to patients as notifications or stories. The idea of a digital personal assistant is tempting, but a healthcare chatbot goes a mile beyond that.

These are just a few examples of how chatbots can be used to improve the customer experience. In addition, according to the Verint Contact Center Experience Index report (2019), health insurance providers experience a higher rate of savings for converting members to self-service than other industries. Projected savings for health insurance providers who shift one quarter of member digital interactions to self-service is $1.147M per million calls vs. $1.035M for property and casualty insurers. What we found is that chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are increasingly effective in key areas that require 24/7 assistance and quick responses—which, of course, includes healthcare. Across all industries, the survey found that most consumers (56.5%) find chatbots very or somewhat useful. While most customers don’t necessarily want to get insurance, they do so because they know they must.

Herbie connects the health care and patient populations by digitally capturing all of their interactions. Herbie keeps track of patients‘ medical histories, laboratory tests, medication use, food and medication reactions, and doctor recommendations. Such critical knowledge benefits both doctors and patients in providing personalised healthcare. AI-powered Herbie healthcare chatbot assists efficiently by locating the health care provider closest to your location.

chatbot for health insurance

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